What is a Saint? Part 2

Tom Crandall

September 26, 2016

The greatest miracle on earth is the process of an individual going from a sinner to a Saint. Below we will continue the conversation by unpackaging further the reality of what it means to walk in your identity as a Saint.

In the last blog, we discussed what it means to be a saint, and how our identity is tied to knowing that we are righteous because of what Jesus did on the cross. In this post, we will look at four thoughts I have on being a saint. I believe that if we embrace these truths, we can create a culture of people who know their true identity!

1. The Cross of Christ killed the Sin nature, creating the identity of a saint

The cross of Jesus Christ didn’t just open the door for the world to receive forgiveness, but also so we could inherit a new identity! Sainthood is not something you achieve, it’s the gift of a new nature that is received by grace through faith. Most Christians believe that you can be forgiven, but then stop there. They still believe they are identified by their previous sins.

When I gave my life to Christ at 18 years old, my desire for pornography, lying, and being deceitful was kicked out and replaced with a passion for Jesus. My sin nature was blown out in one swift act of justice and mercy. I went from doing what’s wrong to hating what’s wrong and desiring intimacy with God.

I had encounters with God that were rich and powerful and marked me for life. This doesn’t mean I never struggled, but I had a grace from God that helped me renew my mind.

Paul the Apostle went from killing Christians to being Christ-like in one encounter that transformed his identity. Understanding what the cross has done for us changes the game. We died with Christ and are now alive in him. We are new every day, filled with a good heart, and ready to be the hands and feet of Jesus on the earth.

“The cross of Jesus Christ didn’t just open the door for the world to receive forgiveness, but also so we could inherit a new identity!”

2. Saints are set apart for love

One of the greatest days of my life was when I married the woman of my dreams. Standing in an old Presbyterian church, looking out at family and friends, waiting in expectation for my bride to be ushered down the aisle by her Father. We were setting our lives apart for each other. We were putting ourselves in position to love and be loved on the highest possible level of human intimacy. This is a holy covenant called marriage. This one decision to say “yes” to my wife automatically meant I was saying “no” to everyone else in the world. We have an uncompromising marriage, which empowers us to live a wholehearted life together.

It’s the same with God. We have set ourselves apart to the Lord to love and be loved by him. We now live to protect this relationship.

3. Saints walk in covenant with God

In Old Testament times, covenants were made between kings, nations and individuals for the purpose of strengthening each other. They would kill an animal as a sacrifice, declaring that the same thing would happen to any person who broke the covenant. Knowing we would break our side of the covenant, God proactively gave himself on the cross and sealed the covenant in his own blood. Now he invites us into covenant with him. That sounds like a pretty good deal! If I surrender to Christ, I have access to all that he is. Access to love, provision, guidance, healing, grace, forgiveness, wisdom, dreams and identity at all times. My inheritance is God!

4. Saints carry his glory

The Hebrew word for glory is Kabhod, which means the weighty manifest presence of God. Like a King putting on his heavy, majestic robe, God designed us to carry him everywhere we go. His presence fits a saint perfectly. Like a sponge fully saturated with water, we are meant to be one with his glory in every area of our lives.

Believing we are saints creates an unhindered flow of his presence in every area of life. As a saint, I know that God is always with me. He doesn’t come and go based on my behavior, he is fully here as God all the time.

As we walk through life and see the needs of humanity, we are compelled to bring transformation around us. God is waiting for us to carry him to our families, schools and communities. To a saint, his presence isn’t a part of life. He is our life!

An old revivalist once said, “once you’ve been birthed in fire, smoke will never do.”

As we embrace our identity as saints, we will be empowered as such.

We will no longer be tossed to and fro by the culture we are called to transform. We can stand with assurance that we are fully accepted by God. We can walk in victory from the transforming truth that the sin nature that once controlled us is dead! We get to fully live as saints walking with God and bringing life everywhere we go!