Receiving God’s Love

Guest Blogger

October 13, 2016

How much does God love you? Discover the answer to this question below and open the doorway to experiencing God in greater ways and learning how to receive His love for you.

Receiving love is the key to experiencing God. Really the only way to receive God’s love is to recognize your need for it. When you invite Gods love into your heart, you give Him permission to begin a work of wholeness, and redemption. God’s presence is a gift you receive, a beautiful exchange of intimacy and loving embrace.

As revivalists you have been empowered to foster a lifestyle that is focused and passionate for God, and willing to pay any price to live in community, purity, and power. You know that you are loved by God, and that it’s His manifest presence that transforms you! But have you really grasped the extravagance of His redeeming love made available to you?

Receiving love, is saying yes to redemption. ‘For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life,’ John 3:16. The greatest way to honor what Jesus paid for is to receive fully everything he made available. Every time you say yes to his love, you are honoring the work of the cross in you. Letting love in allows God to strengthen you, and weakens the enemy’s lie’s and accusations.

Water Pitcher

God’s love is like cleansing water that is poured into our souls, refreshing and purifying our thought-life, heart’s convictions, conscience and motives. Imagine in one hand you have a large water pitcher, full of water, and held tightly in your other hand is a drinking glass, one-tenth full of coffee grinds. As you pour the water from your pitcher into the glass, the clear water turns brown as the coffee grounds are stirred up. But then the water begins to overflow the sides of the drinking glass, run down the sides, and over your hand. The water begins to become more clear, as the coffee grounds that were stirred up filter over the rim of the glass, until none are left. The water is no longer brown and murky, but crystal clear!

The process of letting God’s love into your heart is similar! There are times that issues settle to the bottom of your heart, but God knows the perfect season to bring them to the surface, and restore you! God is more concerned about what He is pouring into you then what is coming out of you! As you adjust our focus from your problem and set our heart to receive God’s love, He will resolve each issue. Redemption is expressed every time you receive love.

“God is more concerned about what He is pouring into you then what is coming out of you!”

Hebrews 4:16 encourages you to draw near to God’s embrace with confidence. In Gods mercy, you can receive grace to be vulnerable, and come to His throne empty of shame and fear. Because of the cross, there is no fear of punishment in God, or your community. Hiding our needs empowers shame, but vulnerability empowers freedom. Letting people in to see you fully allows them to love you right where you are at. When you are willing to pay any price to live in purity and community, you have grasped the value of being intentionally vulnerable. Needing others, and being fully known is on the heart of the Father. It’s time to trust again!

Being vulnerable is also not always about sharing your junk, but something you regard as special or costly. It could be that you have a fear of being “too great,” or being “too fierce”? Or you could be afraid that if people really knew the “real you,” they wouldn’t be able to love you completely. That is a lie. You have been designed to be known by God, and your community. Sharing your life with others is just as much about receiving as it is giving. When you give away what you have, you also champion and celebrate the process and progress in others.

Example: Student dealing with Pornography

I had a young man on my couch who was struggling with pornography. When I was praying for him, I was given the illustration of the water pitcher mentioned above. I shared this picture with him, and as he began to adjust his focus off the problem, onto what God was pouring in, this addiction became healed as areas of his heart were flushed out but God’s love. God is always more interested in what he is pouring into you than what is coming out of you.


Cling to this promise, that He who began a good work in you, will bring it to completion’. Philippians 1:16