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Standing as a Young Saint

Standing as a Young Saint Tom Crandall November 15, 2016 Young Saint Life We’ve all been there. The post-conference “high” is starting to fade. You’re back to “real” life. It’s not all goosebumps and butterflies. So how can you maintain an atmosphere of revival inside...

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Receiving God’s Love

Receiving God's Love Leslie Crandall October 13, 2016 Devotional How much does God love you? Discover the answer to this question below and open the doorway to experiencing God in greater ways and learning how to receive His love for you. Receiving love is the key to...

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I was only joking

I was only joking Rory Helart OCTOBER 1, 2016 Just Because Words create worlds for ourselves and the people around us to live in. Discover below the power of your words and how to use them to change your life. “Are you gay?” This was a common question asked of me as I...

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Do we need a secret place?

Do we need a secret place? Donta Nelson September 26, 2016 Devotional What does it look like to cultivate a secret place with God? How do you walk in relationship with him? We tackle these questions and more below to help you walk in the simplicity of relationship...

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What is a Saint? Part 2

What is a Saint? Part 2 Tom Crandall September 26, 2016 Young Saint Life The greatest miracle on earth is the process of an individual going from a sinner to a Saint. Below we will continue the conversation by unpackaging further the reality of what it means to walk...

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What is a Saint? Part 1

What is a Saint? Part 1 Tom Crandall September 24, 2016 Young Saint Life What does it mean to be a Saint? Is it perfect person, an ancient icon? Or a religious figure? Below we will start the conversation of how the bible uses the word Saint and how this word greatly...

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